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Prosus is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Prosus is a managed service and cloud solution provider that stays ahead of the curve, providing innovative IT services for organizations across all of our divisions and serving clients worldwide. We are positioned to grow and help our clients grow, offering them the kind of service that we would want.

Prosus provides Managed IT services, Managed Private Cloud, IT Infrastructure, Cloud IT and Business Solutions that Power Your Business and empower your work force. Prosus has earned its reputation by being a professional, experienced and dedicated company that concentrates on fulfilling its mission, to Create Raving Clients. A BBB Online Reliability Program Participant, we are committed to providing quality solutions.

We use proven, standard methodologies across our client networks. Thanks to our dedicated project team, our network designs, installations, migrations, and applications are completed on budget, on time, and many times, ahead of schedule. When we take on a project, our goal is to do it right the first time with thorough assessments and best-practices project planning.

Success with Our Team

Our team are knowledgeable, certified, customer service oriented individuals who are constantly participating in ongoing training. We feel it is important to treat our customers with respect and to provide them with the best service possible.

Prosus’s executive team integrates leadership throughout the organization: sales leadership to build and maintain customer relationships, operational leadership to ensure efficient service delivery, technical leadership to develop innovative solutions, and business leadership to best position our organization within the marketplace. The Prosus team is unified by a clear vision and mission: commitment to our core objectives and passion to create value for our customers.

As an independent solution provider, Prosus distinguishes itself through its commitment to personal service, access to best-of-class products, and ability to consistently implement reliable solutions.

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